Procedures & Guidance for Caravan Owners

We are delighted to receive a provisional reopening date of the 11th July 2020.  This will be confirmed on the 9th July by the first minister.  Assuming we get the green light, the park will open at 11.00am on the 11th July.

As you can imagine, things will be a little different when you return to Bonville’s Court Country Park.  As a business we have to take COVID-19 seriously, we must consider the safety of our customers, our team and of course our wider community.  Indirectly, we also have to consider your local communities as you don’t want to be carrying COVID-19 home with you.  With movement of people comes risk and we must all do our bit to see off this horrible virus.

Our COVID-19 Risk Assessment has identified the need to brief you.  For this reason, we have these procedures and guidance in place, and we thank you in advance for your continued support:

Please see below:

Procedures & Guidance for Caravan Owners

On 1st Arrival – Temperatures need to be taken!

Please call 07770801503 when you are 10mins away or, when at St Clears roundabout. This will allow us sufficient time to prepare our PPE to take your temperature.

1. Temperatures need to be below 38°C – If your temperature is 38°C or above, it will be deemed that you have a fever. You will also be asked if you have any symptoms. According to the NHS website, the main symptoms are:

  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

2. We have a duty of care to yourself, our staff and other users of the Park – If your temperature exceeds 38°C, you will be asked to leave, and advised to get a test.

3. Checks all clear – If checks are all good, we will then allow you to proceed to your caravan

4. Away for more than 2/3 weeks If you are away for more than 2/3 weeks from your caravan, you will need to have your temperature taking again. 

5. During your stay All facilities will be closed, (Laundry Room, Gym, Spa, Sauna & Steam Rooms) until we are informed it is safe to reopen.

You are welcome to walk freely on the Park, at all times observing social distance (2m) from other Park users and the Park Team.  If you need to speak to any of our Park Team, please call 07770801503 and always observe social distancing (2m)

Please DO:

  1. Bring your groceries with you, if you can.
  2. Arrange for a delivery of groceries.
  3. Observe social distancing (2m) whilst in the community.
  4. Bring your own, hand gel, soap, toilet roll, hand sanitiser with you.
  5. Be patient when waiting in the local shops, cafés and restaurants, they have their own procedures for keeping you safe.
  6. Book in advance if you want to dine out at any of the fine places in this lovely area.
  7. Enjoy yourselves.

Please DO NOT:

  1. Meet or gather with friends in a social group, unless its outside and observing social distancing (2m).
  2. Invite or entertain visitors in your caravan.
  3. Allow children to roam unsupervised around the Park so they do not, albeit inadvertently, break the social distancing rule (2m).
  4. Leave your litter on the beach, please place it in the bins provided around the harbour and beach.
  5. Please do not return to the Park if you, or any of your household have symptoms of COVID19. According to the NHS website, the main symptoms are:
    1. A high temperature
    2. A new, continuous cough
    3. A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
  6. Do not return if you have been instructed to self-isolate. Bonville’s Court Country Park is not a safe place to self-isolate; you need to be near to your local medical services


  1. When you return to the Park, we would ask that, for a little while at least, only caravan owners use their caravans. By initially keeping to owners only, it will keep things simple and allow us to take baby steps while we get used to the new normal.  As owners you will receive communications, your guests do not and therefore will not know how things work.  Please remember that this all new to us as well as you, we are learning as we go and things will change based upon the advice of the Welsh government and our trade organisation.
  2. Make your 1st visit to Bonville’s Court Country Park during the hours of 11.00am to 4.00pm
  3. Do not visit other people’s caravans.
  4. In wales, social distancing remains at 2m. In wales the law states that 2 households can meet up and this must be outdoors.  This will change over time, we will keep you informed.  ‘Stay Alert,’ remains good advice.
  5. When the time is right for your visitors to come to Bonville’s Court Country Park, for the day or to stay over, we will need you to remind them of our Park Rules and to register their details with the office for the purpose of “Track and Trace” should infection be reported.
  6. There will be a limit to how much work we can do inside your caravan. We are working on procedures.  Its likely that you will have to vacate for 24 hours before we can enter.
  7. WATER SUPPLY: We were advised by our insurance company to turn off the water supply to the caravans.  This is a wise safety measure.  With the warm weather that we have experienced, there is a risk of legionella from the water contained in the pipes in your caravan.  You become infected with legionella by the inhalation of the water droplets containing legionella bacteria.  The solution is simple.  Set hot water temperature to maximum on the boiler.  Run all the taps for a few minutes, keep the flow slow to avoid splashing.  Start with the kitchen taps, cover the taps with a cloth as air in the system can cause water to splash.  Repeat this process with all of the taps in the caravan.  Flush all the toilets with the lids down.  Remove the shower head, they unscrew, disinfect in a bucket with household disinfectant or bleach and run the shower for a couple of minutes to clear the pipes.  Remember to set the water temperature on the boiler back to normal temperature to avoid scalding.  If you have not yet used your caravan, and it was correctly drained down for the winter then the risk is lower as the pipes will be largely empty.  If you would like us to perform this process for you, let us know ASAP, at a charge of £40 + VAT
  8. REFUSE: Please deposit in the bags provided, when leaving please knot the tops of all bin bags.  No open bin bags please.  All glass and bottles to be taken to the bottle bank please?
  9. If you feel unwell, leave the Park and inform us by telephone on 07770801503
  10. PARK BUILDINGS: The Office, Laundry, Gym & Spa, Toilet Block and the stables are off-limits to customers.  If you need assistance, please call 07770801503
  11. STAFF: Please remain 2m from staff, do not ask them to carry out work for you.  Please telephone 07770801503 if you need assistance
  12. Children: we know it’s hard, but please remember that everyone needs to exercise social distancing, even the little ones.

Please consider the above to be an extension of the Park Rules until such time as the COVID crisis has passed.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Bonville’s Court Country Park and hope that you can enjoy your caravan and have a relaxing time with us during these unprecedented times.

Darren & Carla
Many thanks. Had a great week, weather a bit hit and miss but cottage was lovely and cosy. Great garden for the dog and will be visiting again in near future
Ray & Anita
Cosy cottage in a great location and easy walk to the beach. Butcher in Saundersfoot do fab pies! Had a relaxing week, thank you
Alison, Selena, Katie & Jess the Dog
Such a lovely cottage, will miss it! Best sleep ever. Great walk down to the beach. Thank you for making it so cosy xxx
Mike, Gemma, Luis & Katie Phelan
Arrived feeling very stressed from our busy lives. We're all leaving feeling very relaxed after a wonderful stay in the cottage and we cant wait to return. Thank you so much xxx
Fiona & Emily
Thank you! So peaceful and well equipped. Lovely weather - did lots of touring round, cliff walks & beaches. Nice eating places in Saundersfoot
Sue & Steve & Family
Peaceful and quiet. Lovely beaches. Would recommend tree tops for great adventure. Thank you!
Brenda Graeme & Phil & Bruce
Great cottage. great location & great owners. Many thanks