Our traditional Finnish sauna by Tylo Helo, is a 6 person sauna

Enjoy a hot and dry sauna if you are into the traditional Scandinavian way of sauna bathing. Temperatures usually range from 75 – 90 °C, humidity is kept at a low 5–15%. Increase the sensation of heat by sprinkling water over the heater’s sauna stones.

We all know that a quick whiff of a scent can trigger memories of places and people, and has the power to evoke strong emotions. But what you may not know, is that scents have a direct impact on our bodies through our nervous system! Essential oils like lavender have displayed effects similar to those of anti-anxiety medicines. Lavender, lemon and bergamot are a few of the calming essential oils that are known for reducing stress and anxiety. We have Essential Oils for Sale, please ask.

Did you know that spending time in the heat of a sauna can actually reduce symptoms of depression, and dramatically increase overall wellbeing? We all know that heat feels good, but there is more to it than that. Research has found that regular sauna bathing actually has measurable positive effects on serotonin levels in our blood. Serotonin is the ”happiness hormone” which affects both our mood and behaviour.  Other health benefits of the sauna is huge from Relaxation, Weight Loss, Reducing Blood Pressure and Detoxing to name a few.

Darren & Carla
Many thanks. Had a great week, weather a bit hit and miss but cottage was lovely and cosy. Great garden for the dog and will be visiting again in near future
Ray & Anita
Cosy cottage in a great location and easy walk to the beach. Butcher in Saundersfoot do fab pies! Had a relaxing week, thank you
Alison, Selena, Katie & Jess the Dog
Such a lovely cottage, will miss it! Best sleep ever. Great walk down to the beach. Thank you for making it so cosy xxx
Mike, Gemma, Luis & Katie Phelan
Arrived feeling very stressed from our busy lives. We're all leaving feeling very relaxed after a wonderful stay in the cottage and we cant wait to return. Thank you so much xxx
Fiona & Emily
Thank you! So peaceful and well equipped. Lovely weather - did lots of touring round, cliff walks & beaches. Nice eating places in Saundersfoot
Sue & Steve & Family
Peaceful and quiet. Lovely beaches. Would recommend tree tops for great adventure. Thank you!
Brenda Graeme & Phil & Bruce
Great cottage. great location & great owners. Many thanks