Relax and unwind in our 7 person Spa.

The Spa is sunk into the floor, so easy access is assured with a handrail to grab hold of to help enter.  The Spa Pool has 2 settings via buttons on the floor, so you can have bubbles that is a sedate, low and gentle or boosted bubbles for that more vigorous treatment.  There is underfloor heating throughout the Spa room, so you can rest assured of warm tootsie’s when you get out.

Have the benefits of a tropical paradise at your feet.  A total relaxation after a stressful day. Besides being a great way to relax, spa pools have some great health benefits:

  • With your body absorbed in warm water, blood vessels are relaxed and allow more blood flow throughout your body allowing for relief from exhaustion, provide tissue repair, and reduce stress.
  • Using the spa pool for hydrotherapy is a great way to put less stress on your muscles. The buoyancy of the water helps support less weight for your muscles, while reducing pain as well. Hydrotherapy is also great for alleviating muscle pulls, strains, and other injuries that occur from exercising.
  • Spa pools are the best way to unwind and relax after a hard day. Relaxing in a warm pool is a great way to relieve stress and calm your mind. The warm water helps to raise your body temperature and slows your heart rate, stimulating your body into a restful sleep.
In spite of their therapeutic benefits, as with anything else, safety comes first.  Please note our Do’s & Dont’s


DO      Shower before using the facilities in to the Spa Room. This removes any Bacteria, Make-up, Deodorants, Anti-Perspirants, body lotions etc..

DO      Take water with you for hydration

DO      Take off your outdoor shoes at the entrance to the building

DO      Shower (experience shower Warm or Cold) after (cold) each facility


DO NOT        Use if you have consumed alcohol OR Consume alcohol when using the Facilities

DO NOT        Take glass into any of the Facilities

DO NOT        Use these Facilities if you are UNDER 10 YEARS OF AGE

DO NOT        Use these facilities if you are Over 70, Pregnant or Maybe, High Blood Pressure or Heart Disease unless you have already consulted with your/a Physician.

DO NOT        Walk into the Spa Room with any form of footwear

N.B. If you have any doubts before entering the Spa Pool,  talk to a doctor about any concerns you may have! And then sit back, relax, and enjoy the luxury of our Spa


Darren & Carla
Many thanks. Had a great week, weather a bit hit and miss but cottage was lovely and cosy. Great garden for the dog and will be visiting again in near future
Ray & Anita
Cosy cottage in a great location and easy walk to the beach. Butcher in Saundersfoot do fab pies! Had a relaxing week, thank you
Alison, Selena, Katie & Jess the Dog
Such a lovely cottage, will miss it! Best sleep ever. Great walk down to the beach. Thank you for making it so cosy xxx
Mike, Gemma, Luis & Katie Phelan
Arrived feeling very stressed from our busy lives. We're all leaving feeling very relaxed after a wonderful stay in the cottage and we cant wait to return. Thank you so much xxx
Fiona & Emily
Thank you! So peaceful and well equipped. Lovely weather - did lots of touring round, cliff walks & beaches. Nice eating places in Saundersfoot
Sue & Steve & Family
Peaceful and quiet. Lovely beaches. Would recommend tree tops for great adventure. Thank you!
Brenda Graeme & Phil & Bruce
Great cottage. great location & great owners. Many thanks